Make a bunt in the game of softball

1Many people suppose that the bunt in softball will be performed by the player who is incapable of hitting a ball to the outfield. Yet bunting is definitely a skill, like batting is, also it becomes increasingly common with lots of advanced players.

As bunting correctly, then there will be no way which the remaining team could capture the ball. Due to this bunts are most often utilized so the runner on base could make it back to home and then score, although the batter would tend to be out because of that bunt.

When the other team’s players prepare to bunt, it seems that you need to stand in your normal batting position, also wait for your team’s pitcher to begin winding up. As the pitcher begins winding up, it is time for you to start to make the first moves of yours.

If you’re right handed person, twist both your feet to face the other team’s pitcher and then bend both of your legs. Slide the right hand of yours up your bat to the place it starts to be thicker. In case you’ve left a handed person, slide the left hand of yours up to the bat’s same part, and as the ball pass over plates, step the left foot of yours over the right in order for you to step closer to the first base.

Both righties and lefties should hold their bat in an identical way. It is parallel to the surface of the ground using your pointer finger’s middle knuckle and thumb on your dominant hand to pinch the bat. Your pointer finger needs to be bent, also not any your fingers is placed on the batting side that will face the pitcher.

After you make the contact with the ball, then drop your bat and then sprint to the first base. Bear in mind that you should not create any added momentum to the ball. Bunting is just like capture the ball using the bat. That ball should fall into the ground, then move barely after that ball touches your bat. The hand that is in the bat middle helps slow the ball down so that the ball will lose its momentum as contact is done between the bat and the ball.

Like other skills, bunting will take practice and time. It may look simpler than hitting balls far to the distance, yet there are lots of more the lucky hit than they’re lucky bunts. So it will take skilled softball players to make a nice bunt, and it will also take skilled coaches to pick up the right time to tell their players to make a bunt in order to turn their game around.


In a wrap, bunting is really important in the softball game in some cases, so understanding how to bunt a ball or make a bunt will be a must for any player to become skilled at their game. Next, a skill you need to master if you want to the best pitchers ever is to pinch a slow pitch softball, which is shown in our article – “Choosing a softball bats for fastpitch or slowpitch”

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