The best lawn mower for gardeners

This 2016, I have listed down below the best lawn mowers for gardeners to choose from. These are the latest and most innovative designs launched out there

Types of Lawnmower

  • Robot Lawnmowers
  • When it comes to going robotic, the British lawnmower really need to step up more with European counterparts and others. There sturdy, tortoise looking mower is a mixture of smart technology and convenience. Aside from that, these machines are environment friendly.
  • Robot lawnmowers are not noisy and is best for people who lives in the suburban.
  • It is much popular in US and in Europe than in UK
  • It even workds when it is raining.
  • Some robot lawnmowers can even be remote controlled through apps.
  • Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers
  • These are traditional lawn mower used in gardening that has sizes ranging from medium to large and can be used to clean of up to half an acre.
  • Cordless rotary mowers
  • These are the lawnmowers that are powered with lithium ion batteries.
  • Using these batteries, they can compete with performance and power
  • You can mow in one charge for about an hour.
  • Great for small to medium sized lawn.
  • Quiet power
  • Push button
  • Ride-on lawnmowers
  • These are tractor for larger lawns that has a cutting deck under the mower.
  • Ride-on is a main choice, it has the cutting deck at the front
The best lawn mower for gardeners

Models of Robotic Lawnmowers

  • AL-KO Robolinho 4000

This is the top rated robot lawnmower that has dual blade cutting system. This lawn mower can mow a lawn with a square meter of 2000.

  • Honda Miimo 520

Perfect for lawn or garden with a size of upto 3000 square meter.

  • Husqvarna 450X

This brand has 6 new models of automowers. They can mow on slopes and tough terrain and you can link it and remotely access it through an app.

  • Robomow RS635

This year Robomow has 2 new models that offers better moving capacity ideal for bigger lawns with a mode for edging. Edging meaning you don’t have to trim the edges cause this mower will cut right it down for you. It has 2 blades and can mow a lawn space of about 3500 acres. It is easier to maneuver and it also has a useful app for security alert.

  • Viking iMow MI 422

This is great for a much smaller lawn. This can mow up to 500 square meter. One great feature of this lawnmower is its ability to avoid obstacles by setting it up as well as its adaptive slope speed.

Models for Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers

  • Mountfield SP555R V

This model has rear roller for four wheels and stripes. Great for rough terrain and is easy to maneuver. Has patented TwinClip blade that has 4 cutting edges. This blades makes it really efficient and gives smoother cut.

  • Rochford Garden Machinery Weibang Legacy 48V

With a rear roller rotary that is best for speed, agility, grass collection and stripes. This model has a 5 year warranty with the Easy Start Briggs & Straton Engine.

  • Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive ES VS InStart (491J)

This model of lawnmower has new two self propelled petrol rotaries that handles cornering better because of its split rear rollers.

  • Cub Cadet CC46SPOEV MySpeed 3-in-1

This lawnmower maintains speed and recognizes your walking pace. It also offers collection for clippings, side discharge and mulching options. It has 4 wheel rotary that is very easy to maneuver but can’t do stripes.

Cordless Rotary Mowers

  • AL-KO Moweo 46.5 Li SP

If you are looking for a self propeled cordless lawnmower, I suggest you get this model that has the latest deck design. This model has better collection and airflow that is ideal even for wet grass. It is also powered by 2 Lithium ion batteries

  • Atco Liner 16S Li

If you have a larger wider lawn, this is the model for you. It has 48 centimeter cutting width and its spec is the same as the equivalent of petrol powered counterpart. It is fume free, it has 80 volts battery, you can mow for about an hour with a single charge and it also has a big rear rollers to do stripes.

  • Ride on lawnmowers

This kind of lawnmower is what you need if you want to get things done fast. This is super popular for professionals who thinks that time is money. If clipping is a concern, this one will make it easier as well. It has side discharge, and good lever control to maneuver the mower well. This model has 52 inches cutting width or you may get just the 42 inches. Remember though that the bigger the cutting width the faster you will finish the job.

  • John Deere X350R lawn tractor

If you have to clear long grass, this robust lawn tractor will be a reliable tractor. This can mow of upto 2 acres and it is designed to enhance grass flow for collecting and cutting. I has a rear grass discharge and its collector can save of up to 300 liters.

  • Stiga Park 220

This is the best mower for a much more complicated lawn. Best in maneuvering around tricky narrow spaces, obstacles and tricky corners. This is a ride-on mower that has about 37 inches cutting deck and it also has hydrostatic transmission.

These are the best lawn mower for gardeners that I have personally tested. I hope you will find this article helpful in choosing which one will suit you best

About the Author:

George Stein from North Carolina is has a small gardening business and small store for gardening tools.

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