Bright Ideas: Choosing A Tactical Flashlight

Today, there are many kinds of good flashlights which are available on the market. Some famous brands you can easily find are Streamlight or Surefire. These products are very various in their prices, features, sizes, illumination levels, as well as the power sources. To save up your time when choosing, you should consider and point out some requirements to the item. This way will make you easier when making a decision.

Absolutely, a flashlight cannot solve all the problems for you. So, you should consider carefully the most important features according to your needs. Here are some recommendations for you.


A good tactical flashlightwill not cost under $10. You have to know that the cost will usually go along with the quality.

The illumination source

When you go to a store to buy a flashlight, the items which have no LED technology or use the old kinds of bulbs, for examples, halogen or any something else, you should pass them. Why do we say that? The reason is the bulbs operate based in the heat of the vacuum. After a period of time, the bulbs will burn out or break. In addition, a flashlight with the bulb uses much more power that a flashlight with LED. So the LED-based flashlight is a better choice for you to consider.

Bright Ideas: Choosing A Tactical Flashlight

If you use the flashlight as your partner todisorient the attacker at night, ones with 200 lumens, or 500, 600 is a good choice for you. These items consume more battery than normally. So that is also the reason why you have to consider you aims before purchasing a product.

The rechargeable light

The battery is not so serious problem for you to worry much. But on some occasions, if the battery is out of power at the time you need it most, that’s so terrible. And the rechargeable light is a good alternative for you. This kind of the product will cost more. You also have to put in your mind that the rechargeable battery will not last forever. It helps you keep the battery better than any other kinds.

Illumination modes

Illumination modes are also one of the most important features you should considerate when you want to buy a good tactical flashlight. For most of the products, when they contain more than one function, the functions will be compromised. Fury is a similar case if you use it for both occasions: tactical and practical cases.

When being used like that, Fury has two problems. First, as soon as you switch the flashlight on, the light is quite light. And until the second switch, 500 lumens will appear. So, if you are in hurry for something, this is quite inconvenient.

The most important thing we want to tell you, again and again, is that your purpose when you purchase a flashlight. In the case you just need a normal flashlight, the item with the high/low settings is good for you. In contrast, if your purpose when you want to buy a flashlight is to disorient an attacker, one with a single on/off button is a wonderful choice.

The next step you need to concern is the fit as well as the finish of the product. If the item you buy is good, the fit and the finish will not be a problem anymore. As you know, Streamlight along with Surefire are the reliable brands. They provide you the warranty for the whole life of the product, including the light and a lot of other things. And absolutely, other brands will also do like that for their units.

The ease of the operation

This is also the final consideration you should concern in order to buy a good tactical flashlight. The size of the item should be easy to hold and you will not find hard to activate the product.

Here are some things you need to notice when going to buy a flashlight. We hope this article gives you a lot of useful information and you can choose a suitable one for you.

About the author: Sindy Lou, an American expert for choosing the best military-grade flashlights, has been working as a reviewer for the famous brands of this self-defense weapon. From this article, she definitely gives you some useful information you should take into consideration in case you desire to choose the best flashlights. Hope that all of her shares can be your best reference.

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