What are the best longboard brands on the market?

Have you been longboarding? This usually happens along the streets. You will find individuals or a group of young and professionals riding a longboard. These longboards are just like skateboards. But, believe it or not, these riders run with a speed more or less than 50 miles an hour. That is fast enough avoiding traffic jam. But, of course, you have to think about riding safely. So, make sure that you have the best and durable longboards. Do not forget to wear your safety gears. These longboards also comes in various graphical designs and colors. The thing is, there are various good brands. So, what are the best longboard brands on the market? You must know the top brands to choose from.

Using longboards along the road

Before buying a longboard, you must know what you need and what you want. There are longboards that are designed for a particular use. Make a list and ask yourself, what are the best longboard brands available today? After listing down the brands, now have a list of what you would like to do with your longboard. How would you like to use your longboards? Of course, you will basically use it for traveling around the neighborhood or the city. You may also consider to use your longboard as a means of transportation, for cruising, enjoy down hilling and to hang out with your friends. And then, check the size, wheels and deck of the longboard that you must choose.

Speaking of fun and excitement. Of course, longboarding contributes to every individual or group’s adventure. They can do slaloming, where they simply need to make a zigzag move out of the obstacles on their way. They can also enjoy freeriding, which involves skills and tricks, such as sliding and early grabs at different speeds. Another popular activity is the downhill longboarding, where the rider runs in a fast speed at about 80 mph. These riders use special decks, such as the top mount, drop through, micro drop, double drop, drop deck and the flush mount. The riders may also enjoy dancing, which evolves from the old trick. This activity involves moving, such as walking and spinning. Now, when it comes to cruising, a rider must have the ability in turning.

Longboard brands to consider

Now, before finally buying a longboard. You have to make some considerations. What are the best longboard brands that you can afford? What is your choice when it comes to design, deck, wheels or bearings? We have here some short reviews to give you a good example.

When it comes to Affordability, you may choose between Sector 9 and Atom brands. For beginners and those who are looking for an entry-level type of longboard, Sector 9 is an ideal choice. They offer an affordable price with quality longboards. The Atom brand also offers longboards at an affordable price, but more expensive than Sector 9.

When it comes to Design, you may choose from Sector 9, Atom and Yocacher. With these brands, you will surely have to think about your choice because they have various designs, styles, graphics and colors for creative people.

Now for the deck, you may also check out the Sector 9, Atom and Yocacher brands. The Sector 9 offers small decks and large decks. The Atom also offers durable, long lasting and laminated decks at your preference. The Yocacher decks are made from maple with 7 to 9 plies, long lasting and flexible.

For the wheels, you may also check the Sector 9, Atom and Yocacher brands. The Sector 9 offers high quality wheels with good performance. The Atom wheels are soft, but provides an excellent grip, giving you a comfortable longboarding. Yocacher wheels offer special features and made of hard plastic material.

Lastly, when it comes to the bearings, you may choose from Sector 9 and Yocaher brands. Sector 9 is designed with a PDP Abec 5 while the Yocacher are designed with Abec 3, 5 and 7.

With the reviews given, what are the best longboard brands to choose? We have the Sector 9, the Atom and the Yocacher. Make sure that you know what you really need and simply check the models. There must be something out there that suits your needs.

Author bio: Michael from Hyperoutdoor.com

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