All the principles are set out not to make us uncomfortable. The principles are set out to ensure that each participant in the game feel comfortable and satisfied so that they can enjoy the game fully.

Golf is a strange sport with its own rules. Beside preparing about the golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf bags, best golf swing analyzer 2017 or other accessories… the players should learn a little bit about behavior in golf. Let’s reference some basic principles of behavior for golf players with us in the below article.

  1. Critical concepts of golf

Golf is a sport that gives prominence to the truth of the individual player. In golf, there is no referee. The golf players always behave properly and give prominence to the spirit of golf in the course. To ensure a comfortable and funny game, the players should follow these principles at all times and everywhere.

  1. Ensure the safety

– When the players make a swing (including just drafts), they should ensure that no one is around or stand near them. Or the player should watch carefully to ensure that no one could have affected by their swing (by a golf club, golf ball, tree branches or stones hitting the body)

– If the players hit the ball into the area where may affect to other people, they should shout to warn them. The common word using to warn in this situation is “fore”.

  1. Respect other players

– Keep quiet to avoid unnecessary noise that may affect to the concentration of other players. It is better to set the phone in silent mode.

– Do not stand near the road or near the range of ball when other players are preparing to hit the ball.

– In case you have to wait too long because the previous group is too slow, the principles here are:

  • Always wait other group to get out of your ball range before you hit the swing.
  • Talk to this group and be polite to ask for play before them (if that group plays too slow).

– Players should not stand in the putt range of other players or let their ball cover the putt range when other players are preparing to make the putt.

  1. The speed when playing golf

– Always try to follow the front group: the players should play at the correct speed and follow the front group. To achieve this, you may refer to the following suggestions:

  • Do not make too many drafts. Do not take too much time to try before your swing.
  • Before going to your ball position, you should think about how to play the next shot in advance.
  • When approaching green, you identify the tee locate of the next hole and park your cart that side of the green

– Ready to hit the ball: When your turn is coming, the player should be ready to hit the ball. When they already finished a hole, the players should move out of the putting area quickly.

– In case of losing the ball:

  • If the players think that they may lose one ball outside the water hazard or out of OB border, in order to save time, the players should hit a redundancy ball.
  • If the players lose the ball and realize that it is not easy to find the ball. They should give some signals for the behind group to play before.

I’ve just introduced some basic principles of behavior for the golf players in above. You can refer my article and tell your friends to read if you find it useful.

My name is Mark Parker and welcome to my world. You can find a lot of experience in golf here as I am a golf lover and my life is just about golf. I often search information and learn from other people who have the same hobbies with me.

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