Top Best Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

List refer from that link top best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, let me first say that I am a traveller and a foodie that loves Asian cuisine. I have been travelling a great deal to almost all if not all Asian countries and I have written a lot of reviews and blog about different topics about each nations. I fell in love with Vietnam during my first vacation last 2013 and I have been coming back yearly since. Now I am going to share to you the places I love to eat. I hope you will like and try them out too.

4Ps Pizza Saigon

If you love pizza like me, this is the place to be when in Saigon city. This is a japanese owned establishment and serves pasta dna pizza for many years now. I can confidently say that they serve the best pizza in this city. They baked their pizza in stone oven and for me their best pizza that I keep on ordering is thir pizza with teriyaki chicken toppings. It is a little hard to find the location cause you need to go down the alley on Le Thanh Ton Street which is behind the Sushi Bar but I swear, you will not regret coming there. when deciding to go there on the weekend make sure that you reserved early cause it gets jam packed at those days. Continue reading “Top Best Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City”

Guides in Buying a Spinning Reel for Saltwater Fishing

When it comes to fishing, it is not enough to have fishing skills and techniques. It is not enough to have a boat or kayak. Also, it is not enough to simply have fishing tools to use. Everything must be perfect for your fishing needs.

You might be living in a place near the ocean, river or lakes. Therefore, you have all the time and opportunity to go and start fishing. You can catch fish with your friends and your family. You will surely enjoy the fishing activity if you have your proper needs.

This means that your fishing needs must be met and comply with the environment. It will be good to have fishing gears, such as life jacket and a pair of fishing sunglasses for your eye protection. It will be good to check your tools if you have enough and if they are working well.

Now, there are anglers and fishermen who like fishing in saltwater. If this is the case, then you must make sure that you get saltwater spinning reel ready.

What to consider when buying a spinning reel

Before buying a saltwater spinning reel there are a few factors for you to consider.

  • You have to confirm about the type of the fish that you would like to catch.
  • You must also know the type of water or the location.
  • You must also consider your preferred type of fishing and techniques.
  • You have to select the type of materials used in your fishing tools. Make sure that it is saltwater – corrosion resistant. You may choose Aluminum, Graphite or a combination of both materials, which makes the tool durable and lightweight.
  • Consider the size of your reel because it also determines the size of your fishing line. Small sizes range from 10/100/1000 – 35/350/35000. Medium sizes range from 40/400/4000 – 55/550/5500. And then, Large size range from 60/600/6000 and above.
  • Use durable spools made of aluminum or graphite. It is also important to keep the line of the spool in place.
  • Choose a higher gear ratio, so that you can catch more fish because it draws your line back faster.
  • Make sure that you can control the speed of pulling off the spool and that is possible with an adjustable drag system.
  • You may choose a graphite or aluminum frame material. This helps in reducing the torque on your spool and also with your reel, especially if you are catching big fishes.

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An Outdoor Activity with the Family on Weekends

It would be nice to spend the weekend with your whole family. Any outdoor activity with them gives much relief and different experience. When it comes to outdoor activities you can do with your family is having a picnic along the lakes. It could have been happier if you will have a weekend picnic with family and catch fish together. This helps in spending quality time with them.

You need not to worry about your fishing day because there are various fishing equipment available on the market. Why don’t you try using a fish finder? An excellent choice is an electronic device designed to help you find a good fishing spot . Through this high-tech device’s screen, you will know if there are fishes under the water. Therefore, giving you a sign to start fishing and adding excitement to the weekend picnic with family members.

Types of fish finders

You might be thinking about what type of fish finder to use for your fishing.

An Outdoor Activity with the Family on Weekends


This is the most affordable type of fish finders allowing you to have a display of what is under your boat. This is ideal when fishing along inland lakes with your small boats.

Fish finder – chart plotter

This is ideal with medium-sized boats and fishing in large bodies of water. It also features a GPS system and split-screen functions.


This is ideal for those who have big boats. It comes with various features, such as radars, GPS system, video and satellite radios.

Benefits of using fish finders

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