An Outdoor Activity with the Family on Weekends

It would be nice to spend the weekend with your whole family. Any outdoor activity with them gives much relief and different experience. When it comes to outdoor activities you can do with your family is having a picnic along the lakes. It could have been happier if you will have a weekend picnic with family and catch fish together. This helps in spending quality time with them.

You need not to worry about your fishing day because there are various fishing equipment available on the market. Why don’t you try using a fish finder? An excellent choice is an electronic device designed to help you find a good fishing spot . Through this high-tech device’s screen, you will know if there are fishes under the water. Therefore, giving you a sign to start fishing and adding excitement to the weekend picnic with family members.

Types of fish finders

You might be thinking about what type of fish finder to use for your fishing.

An Outdoor Activity with the Family on Weekends


This is the most affordable type of fish finders allowing you to have a display of what is under your boat. This is ideal when fishing along inland lakes with your small boats.

Fish finder – chart plotter

This is ideal with medium-sized boats and fishing in large bodies of water. It also features a GPS system and split-screen functions.


This is ideal for those who have big boats. It comes with various features, such as radars, GPS system, video and satellite radios.

Benefits of using fish finders

  • Through the screen of this device, you can see the location of the fishes under the water. This really helps.
  • You can also see from the screen how much fish is wandering around, under and sides of your boat. It doesn’t exactly count the number of fish, but with the graphical display, you can assume the quantity of fishes around.
  • One of the interesting things about fishing is to see that you have caught fish of various sizes. At your advantage, the fish finder gives information about the size of the fishes.
  • Another good thing about this device is its function to determine the depth of the water. This is an advantage for you, so that you can drop the bait to your desired depth.This helps, especially if you are after fishes that you can only catch at a specific depth.
  • Fish finders with GPS system feature gives information about the wave speed and alerts. This information is necessary to prevent water accidents.
  • It is also through the GPS system, where you can get details about the temperature of water. It is essential to know the hot or cold zones, especially if you are after fishing at a specified temperature for a particular fish.

    An Outdoor Activity with the Family on Weekends

Fish Finder Brief Reviews

To help you find a fish finder to use for your weekend family bonding, we have here some products with a brief review for you to consider.

On top is the easy to use Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder of the Garmin. It comes with CLEARVU sonar transducer, waypoint map, flasher, GPS system and transmits power at 200W RMS and 1600W peak-to-peak. It is designed with various screen sizes, such as 3.5”, 5” and 7”; an expedient keypad and upgradable sonar transducer.

Another product from the Garmin is the Echo 551dv Worldwide. It comes with a large display screen, 77/200kHz HD-ID/DownVu transducer, transom mount, trolling motor mount, quick-release mount, 480×640 VGA display resolution, sonar history playback, 5-inch VGA and smooth scaling system.

Again, from the Garmin is the Striker 7SV. It comes with a rugged style, high-sensitivity GPS system, waypoint mapping, CHIRP sonar, flasher, 7-inch screen display and smooth scaling system.

Lastly, we have a fish finder from the Lowrance. The HDS9 Gen2 Touch Insight Display comes with a base map, SD card slot, preloaded cartography, HD sonar imaging, broadband sounder, transducer can be bought separately, 3D view and GPS system. It is available in 7, 9 and 12-inch screens.

Those are some of the fish finder briefly reviewed for your reference. Having such fish finders will surely help you in fishing. Therefore, you can enjoy your weekend picnic more than ever. Family time is very important in the family. So, enjoy fishing with everybody.

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