The best lawn mower for gardeners

This 2016, I have listed down below the best lawn mowers for gardeners to choose from. These are the latest and most innovative designs launched out there

Types of Lawnmower

  • Robot Lawnmowers
  • When it comes to going robotic, the British lawnmower really need to step up more with European counterparts and others. There sturdy, tortoise looking mower is a mixture of smart technology and convenience. Aside from that, these machines are environment friendly.
  • Robot lawnmowers are not noisy and is best for people who lives in the suburban.
  • It is much popular in US and in Europe than in UK
  • It even workds when it is raining.
  • Some robot lawnmowers can even be remote controlled through apps.
  • Petrol Rotary Lawnmowers
  • These are traditional lawn mower used in gardening that has sizes ranging from medium to large and can be used to clean of up to half an acre.
  • Cordless rotary mowers
  • These are the lawnmowers that are powered with lithium ion batteries.
  • Using these batteries, they can compete with performance and power
  • You can mow in one charge for about an hour.
  • Great for small to medium sized lawn.
  • Quiet power
  • Push button
  • Ride-on lawnmowers
  • These are tractor for larger lawns that has a cutting deck under the mower.
  • Ride-on is a main choice, it has the cutting deck at the front
The best lawn mower for gardeners

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