A deadly combination

Cycling on roads

Biking ought to be the healthiest way to get around. But cycling on roads meant for cars can be a very dangerous form of transportation.

Last Friday, six bikers on a busy highway near Montreal were bowled over by a pickup truck in broad daylight. Three died, and the survivors were badly injured. Then, on Saturday, a cyclist on a rural road in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains was killed by an alleged drunk driver. On the same day, Michael Bitton from Listowel, Ont., was struck and left in a coma while biking in Louisiana, where he attends graduate school and is a member of the Louisiana State University cycling team.

It was an unusually perilous weekend, and yet every year between 50 and 70 cyclists are killed in Canada in collisions with cars. Given the many advantages, both personal and environmental, associated with biking, society has ample motivation to reduce these accidents. Continue reading “A deadly combination”